How hard is it to mind your business?

Hoe moeilijk is het om je met jouw eigen zaken te bemoeien?

To mind your business is hard to do most times. Example sitting at the silent place in a train and someone is loudly talking on phone. I find it hard to mind my business in such circumstances πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, I feel it’s antisocial. My mum will usually say “Safi it’s none of your business, maybe he/she is not aware it’s a silent place”. I will then reply, “Mum, why not allow me to make him/her aware?” Then she will say, “Safi, I don’t want any confrontations, just control yourself and let’s get out peacefully. It’s just few stops, we aren’t sleeping in the train”.

Indeed it is none of my business but, if we keep minding our businesses, I think people will take the piss to deliberately keep doing the wrong things all because, we all are minding our business. Some people could argue that minding your business would bring peace, you won’t have someone disrespect you. Well, I’ll leave this to my readers to comment, this argument can go on and on. The question is, do we live to mind our businesses or be a part of other peoples business? These are some of the realities in our morden society, you either play safe by minding your business or voice it out and be a target of mockery.

12 thoughts on “How hard is it to mind your business?

  1. Often times we turn to mind people’s business than our own business. Onces a friend told me and I quote” what I choose to do with my life is my choice and not yours,and what choice I decide to make is mine and mine only,and who I associate myself with is my decision and it’s NONE of your business.” I remind my self, No one asked for my advice,I always have to take a backseat and let them make their own mistakes.
    Minding my business helped me to move at my own peace and not feel pressured with what others do ( Good /bad) .
    I only travel to ppls businesses if the person aske for my opinion, I do not offer my opinion if it wasn’t asked for.

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  2. I think we are all custodians of each other. So paying a little attention to another’s business (in a non-intrusive way) should serve more good than harm. ☺️

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  3. This is an interesting point! I personally believe that there’s a line (not sure how fine or thick it is πŸ˜…) between “minding your own business” and “interrupting someone from being a nuisance” or as I call it, “Initiating change”. If someone is making noise in the quiet place, that IS being in my business. So I’ll probably share this business which is officially OURS and tell them to kindly tone it down.
    On another note: The difference lies on why you do it. Do you talk to them because they make it impossible for you to concentrate on your last minute report? Are they inconveniencing your life? Or are you just being a glitch and killing their buzz even though it’s not bothering anyone?😁😁

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  4. Hi saf, great post, sometimes i’d like to give β€œfeedback” to someone in public. But i know its only effective under the right circumstances: is the persoon willing to change, etc. Otherwise its not effective feedback but just expressing my irritations because it feel better for myself.
    So i guess its really about WHY je je wilt bemoeien met iemand πŸ™‚

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