NOT all recruiters have lost the human aspect in Human Resource!!

There are many other roles that human resource plays in an organization apart from finding, attracting, hiring and retaining people. Under this article, the focus will be on the recruiting role of HR.

In the technology era we live in, most of the recruitment process is done online. The finding aspect of HR role has been replaced with technology which in most cases, weeds out a whole lot of good candidates from the league. A lot of people spend hours on their computers, trying to fill an online application form with information they have already provided in their CV’s. After filling the forms and just about the time they want to submit, a pop up message shows, saying, “time out”😔. Some people give up after several hours of trying to submit their application. Those who don’t give up and eventually get to submit, some don’t get selected. Those who get lucky and are selected, some don’t get invited to an interview. Why? It’s because they failed an online assessment test, which is part of the recruitment process. Those who make it through to the interview stage, tells how horrible they felt as the interviewer made it seem like, he/she was doing them a favor by inviting them over to discuss their interest. Those who finally succeed and get an offer, don’t get a full contract😆.

I had the privilege to speak to some friends (job seekers) who have had bad experiences with recruiters, whom recruiters have shown them no or little respect on their applications. They received no feedback on their applications and the response they got when they followed up was “sorry, we received lots of applications so we couldn’t contact everyone to give individual feedback”😏. Others also shared how rude some recruiters acted towards them when they reached out to them on social media (eg. LinkedIn), to inquire about a job they had advertised. Those who were not directly rude, read their messages and never replied. The list about the bad attitudes of HR/recruiters towards job seekers could go on and on. I do understand all the frustrations job seekers goes through in the hands of some HR/recruiters; I was once a job seeker and I had my own share of rejection, disrespect and rudeness from some recruiters. However, I did not get discouraged by these bad experiences; I developed a thick skin to them and guess what, I met some good ones😊. Although I did not get invited for an interview or an offer from all of them, they were kind to me. After meeting these good recruiters, I changed my perception about recruiters; I realized there are still some good ones out there. A bowl of beans contains both good and bad beans, it takes time and patient to pick the good ones🤗.

There are still people I call “the inborn recruiters” who still uphold the human resource principles. These recruiters shows respect to candidates, they invite them for a chat even when they don’t fulfil all the job requirements, and in some cases, they take a chance to hire them. Inborn recruiters understand that human emotions are involved during job searching; they consider these factors before replying to applicants. No matter the feedback they are sending to applicants, either positive or negative, they know how to communicate. To all job seekers out there, it is too early to let go of your dream jobs. Out of hundred applications you’ll send, one/two could be your breakthrough to your dream job so please, don’t give up yet on your job search. Don’t feel intimidated by recruiters who are mean to you, develop a thick skin to rudeness and rejections because, you are going to meet a whole lot as you keep on searching. Bear in mind that there are still jobs out there and still good HR/recruiters out there, to help you get your dream job🤗🤗.

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