Get your mess together and let’s live on!

Have you wondered how your day would have been lovely and enjoyable if you hadn’t given too much attention to people’s opinion, comment or remarks about something you did or did not do or how you looked and didn’t look or what you said and didn’t say- making your entire day ruined and leaving you moody the rest of the day? Have you also ever wondered going home from work or wherever you returning from and wondering what the mood of your partner or whoever you’re living with would be? Or have you lived with or living with someone who is happy in the morning, moody in the afternoon? The ”frequent mood swingers”.

I use to have a room mate like that when I was at the University. It was so unbearable living with her to the extent that, I tried swapping rooms but wasn’t successful; no one wanted toย live with her๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. I was always wondering what her next thought, action or mood would be each time I’m returning home from school. She wasn’t making it easy for me to be around her or reason with her. I was mostly confused by her changing attitudes, she changes her mind almost every hour. Her moods were like an emotional roller coaster, happy in the morning, moody in the afternoon. At some point people living in the hostel were not taking her serious. Everyone got tired of asking “is everything alright, are you okay” type of question. We felt she just love attention; due to her frequent grumpiness, I always had to find somewhere to go almost every weekend just to avoid her๐Ÿ˜ƒ.

I have a certain level of tolerance and understanding to people’s changing behavior, but with this lady, I couldn’t take it for long. She can go a whole day without saying a word to me or responding to my questions. I felt a great relief the day I returned from campus and she had parked out of the hostel. Hallelujah, that was my first comment ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ.

Most of the times, these mood swingers don’t realize they have such attitude. This is a simple way to find out; If you mostly use this phrase ‘I’m not in a good mood today or I feel so down today’, then I guess you must be having ”frequent mood swings”. I advise, you seek a professional help if you are in this kind of state. Do so before it leads you into depression or make you end up being so self-absorbed and think, everything is wrong with you (living a self pity life). Also try to relax, take things easy in life, don’t live life so complex and expect everyone to cry with you or feel pity for you. Understand the world doesn’t revolve around you, people have got their own problems they are dealing with, so stop making it hard for them to be around you. Get your mess together; live and let them live.

6 thoughts on “Get your mess together and let’s live on!

  1. Hahahaha @ Hallelujah! Buy we want to know – where did she go and what is her mood like now?

    You are right about the fact that people should seek professional help. Being moody can indeed gradually escalate to depression.


  2. Most employees are demotivated due to the fact that their previous effort at work places are not appreciated .Your manager will use your work as input in his /her reporting in their line of duty and will not acknowledge your support and always looking for ways to discredit your great contributions.Our Bosses must learn to say a big thank you to their Team.A form of motivation to employees.

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