Digital Madness: how much do you share?

What do you call “digital madness”?

Sharing information is good as it educate, help us to know what’s going on and for people to make good decisions. However, in this digital age, we tend to share a whole lot more than required. Finding the balance between sharing relevant, educative and important information; and sharing personal and irrelevant information is the challenge most of us are facing these days.

A lot of us get overwhelmed by the likes, comments and attention we get under our posts on social media; making us care less about what we share. We end up disclosing more private information publicly, which eventually comes back to hunt us. It is okay to share some funny videos and text with family and close friends, but sharing with everyone in your contact is unnecessary. What you think is funny may not necessarily be funny to everyone. I’m not innocent of this either, my blog sharing may not necessarily be interesting to everyone but, it is at least educative 😜😂😂. Let’s try to find a balance between what need to be shared and what not, so we don’t end up invading people’s privacy with our numerous tags. A question to my readers; what do you find unnecessary to be shared or posted by people on social media (what do you call digital madness)?

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