Feelings vs Integrity!

How do you feel at work?

Challenged: you’re given great assignments, assume more responsibilities and you constantly learn new things.

Important: your contributions and opinions are valued and recognized.

Happy: you enjoy what you do, you have great team members and wish the day don’t end so fast.

Bored: you keep doing the same thing every single day, no new task or project assigned to you.

Unnoticed: less important, your contributions are overlooked.

Unhappy: you don’t connect well in your team, not happy about your job, always checking the time and hoping the day/week come to an end.

Whichever category your feelings falls under, never compromise your Integrity by feeding into your feelings. Stay positive, keep up with the right attitude and keep doing the right things. Enjoy your week πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ˜.

4 thoughts on “Feelings vs Integrity!

  1. In our daily endeavors must strive to achieve excellence and it comes with drop of consistency.Employees are key part of building a prestigious companies or institutions and delivery the best output to customers.

    Some employees are motivated and others are bored at work in most cases.To let your Human Resources achieve excellence in their their operation in the corporate world .


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