Ways to maintain a positive energy at work.

Socialize: Avoid surrounding yourself with negative people who are always throwing a pity party. Laugh with colleagues, go for lunch together, participate in team outings, be happy for people, celebrate each other success even when you don’t like it. You’ll need people to celebrate you when your time comes. Stop living in one corner with a mind that, you’re at work to do your job and go home. You’ll be stressed if you keep that mindset; 60-70 percent of your week is at work, so you better socialize and enjoy your second home😂.

Have a strategy: Set goals for yourself, plan your daily or weekly activities. A plan helps you to be in control of your day, it get you occupied throughout the day without feeling or getting bored. Read more under my blog post “being busy won’t get the work done” on https://letsinspire.blog/2019/01/11/work-smarter-not-harder/

Stop complaining: There is nothing like a perfect job or employer. If you get into the habit of complaining, you end up complaining about irrelevant things that are unrelated to your job. Complaining steals your joy, portrays you as a nagging employee and you risk not to be taken serious on important matters.

Embrace change and be curious to learn new things: Don’t keep yourself in that stubborn small box, give yourself the flexibility to embrace change at your work place. Stop overreacting and feeling overwhelmed by changes that occurs around you.

Be content at your success: Stop seeking people’s opinions and approvals to feel good about yourself and your work. When you know you’ve put in your best effort and it has yielded a good result, celebrate that success and enjoy it. Don’t wait for someone to say you are good before you know how good you are.

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