Take charge of the small things ONLY you can control to enjoy your life!

Resist the tendency to Lie:

Stop lying to yourself or to others, stop pretending and start acting real. No more people pleasing; don’t promise what you cannot deliver, don’t say what you do not know and don’t compromise your integrity just to be approved or accepted by others. Live truly and truthfully.

Love and appreciate yourself:

Loving yourself is one of the most powerful tool to living a stress free and happy life. As stated in the Holy Bible from the KJV, “Mark 12:31, love your neighbor as yourself”. This statement is quite simple and easy to remember, yet difficult to put to practice. It’s so easy to say you love yourself when in reality, you doubt yourself, don’t appreciate yourself and when someone genuinely complements you, you feel you don’t deserve it. How can you give love when you lack one yourself, how can you appreciate others when you don’t appreciate yourself? Not loving yourself and accepting who you are could lead you into a fake lifestyle, living to please and impress others just to fit inn or be accepted. Love and accept whoever you are; then you’ll be able to love and accept others for whoever they are.

Try to forgive and forget:

Harboring offences in you only increases your heartbeat, especially, when you meet those who offended you. We’ve all been hurt and have hurt others, piling up offenses gives headache, sleepless nights and unhappy life. Learn to easily let go of the wrongs people do to you. It gives you a sane mind, you don’t go to bed thinking of a plan B; on how to distance yourself from that person or how to evenly pay back! Don’t waste your precious day planning to get back at people who have wronged you; they don’t deserve that time. Use your day wisely, forgive, forget and live happily!

Think positively:

Your thoughts affects your mood, you decide what you want to think about and determines whether you’re going to have a happy day or not. Your mind is one aspect of your body only you have the power to control. When you give that power to people, you give them full control over your thoughts and their actions determines, whether you are going to go through your day thinking about what they said. You tend to be more troubled especially, if whatever you heard was negative. No one worth a space in your mind so choose carefully, who you give your mind and attention to.

Resist the temptation of social comparison:

The worse thing to do to yourself is comparing the life of people living miles away to yours; torturing your beautiful self, trying to live that life. We know it and hear all the time that, the life people portray on social media are mostly fake, yet, we fall victim into believing what we see. For the sake of your mind having peace and your bank account not being put under pressure to buy what others shows-off, avoid comparing your simple real life to someone’s complex fake life.

Don’t take people opinion too personal:

Living on planet earth, you’ll surely come across people who are good at ruining your entire day because of their opinions! Such people are quick to summarize, draw conclusions to whatever you share or discuss with them and their views are mostly strong and negative. Don’t be offended, just know that’s their opinion and you decide whether to take it or leave it.

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