Character matters.

Back in my country, most times our elders give advise when you’re getting married. One of the popular advises is: “your beauty got you a husband, your character should keep you in your marriage”. Character matters and it’s a key to every important areas of our lives not only in marriages. Good qualifications could get you a job, your character would keep you in that job. How do you perform your task at work when you’re not supervised? How do you treat people who have influence to your promotion from those who doesn’t? And how do you behave towards people who need a favor from you from those who doesn’t? Let’s learn to treat people (cleaner or director) with equal respect, love and courtesy; irrespective of their status and ability to influence our success. Good character attract good and kind people to us and bad character chases them away. Let your character attract good people to you, not to repel them from you. Have a good week!

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