I bet if she were a sales person, I would have bought whatever she was selling!

Today as I joined the elevator, one of the cleaners of the building smiled at me. It was such a sincere smile that I felt it within me. I became relaxed and stopped thinking about my schedule for the day and started a conversation with her. Her smile welcomed me into a talk with her. I just hope a lot more people would smile despite how hectic and horrible their day begin or end.

Don’t go about your day with serious face at work. Serious faces are mostly construed as frowning faces and it drives people and opportunities away. Let’s stop having a serious face all the time and smile. Let’s also stop being too uptight and relax. Give a sincere smile to show you have fun in what you do. When you have fun, you tend to succeed in most of the things you do. Even when you’re 1000 miles away, you can make your smile show in your voice on phone. Don’t make your call receivers feel they are a business transaction, let them feel welcome and your sincere interest in them. The world is busy enough to be uptight and frowning, so just relax, give a genuine smile and enjoy your days.

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