What’s bossing you around?

There is always going to be something!

Be content with what you have is a statement that most of the times, is easier said than done. A lot of us find it so easy to say it to encourage others and ourselves but in reality, we find it hard to practice or apply in our lives. Why is it so hard to practice contentment? It’s because of our endless needs that keeps piling up; those things or needs we’ve allowed to boss us around and control our minds. The things we hope to achieve, the things that are currently beyond our means that we get sleepless nights and stress about, those things that makes us always wanting more and causing us to be desperate and dissatisfied. The things we desire to have and give it such a higher priority to the extent that we refuse to see, appreciate and enjoy what we’ve currently achieved. The things that makes us not content with what we have.

The term contentment could be defined in many other ways depending on how you apply it in your life. My simplest way of defining it is “not allowing what I don’t have to boss me around and valuing and enjoying what I currently have”.

Most achievers do think being content means being complacent or lazy and I disagree with that. Being content is a way of allowing yourself to acknowledge what you’ve currently achieved, appreciate  and enjoy them so you donโ€™t pass through life looking miserable, dissatisfied and stressed. It’s a way of not allowing what you currently don’t have to dictate your life, to control your mind, to sadden your heart and to stress you out.

To my readers, whatever you are currently discontent or dissatisfied about, be it your family, kids, career, health, finances, relationship, house etc, don’t allow it to control your mind and boss your life around; because no matter what you’ll achieve or acquire now, there is always going to be something you’ll need, something that requires more attention than others or more important than others, there is always going to be something that will take your mind off from acknowledging and enjoying what you currently have’.

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