Humblebrag(HB): The modern trend to gaining social attention!

HB 1: You donate money to support someone or a project and you post on social media to showcase your work to get praises from people, it’s a humble brag, stop it. These tactics of helping others and making photos of it or writing about it to share on social media are used by firms as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and public figures (musicians, politicians etc.) as a way of entertaining their funs. Please don’t take it from them!

HB 2: You buy a house and post on social media with a story of your past struggles and your current successes. Then you end your post with a caption,Β  “if I can make it, you too can also make it so don’t give up”.Β  Come on, don’t tell me you only meant to encourage others, you also enjoy the praises, likes, followers that come with it. It’s a humble brag (HB)!

HB 3: I met someone and gave him or her this and that and today he/she is the CEO or manager in a firm. With 2 selfie pictures showing the past and present of the person and yourself. It’s HB, stop that! Let the person you helped come and praise you publicly, don’t do it yourself.

Because of the acts of modern helpers who humbly brags on social media about the help they give to others, it has become hard for some people to ask for help. Please stop this act if you’re a “modern helper” ,True generosity doesn’t need public labelling.

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