Honor them while they’re still alive!

My bestie shared this funny post above with me and it got me thinking; thinking about parents and the sacrifices they make for their children which are sometimes unnoticed.
Some children do think it’s the responsibility and duty of their parents to provide for them. They forget to realise that taking on a responsibility is a choice and their parent could have chosen not to be responsible. If you think this way about your parent, I urge you to get over your arrogant thoughts and start appreciating them because, being an adult isn’t a joke, it’s a whole new level packed with responsibilities!

Appreciate your parent in any little way you can. Whenever you get the chance to spend time with them, enjoy those moments to the fullest. If you’re distant away from them, text/call them often, tell them you love them, write them little notes, forgive them if you’re angry at them, thank them and honor them.
Indeed there is nothing like a perfect parent but I know there is something like the best parent and only you, can testify to that. Therefore, don’t feel too busy to call your parent, take time to be there for them while they’re still alive. Don’t wait until they’re dead before you write about how great a parent they were. “Honor them while they’re still alive”!

One thought on “Honor them while they’re still alive!

  1. The responsibilities which are been handled by parents are very key.We the children must appreciate their contributions and be patient while we also grow to become adult.My father always advise me that never should I forget you will a be a father and it goes with a bigger role.We keep posting and educating people.

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